In 2018, SCM started a new production unit, the “SPINDLE DIVISION”.
SCM SPINDLE DIVISION designs, manufactures and overhauls mechanical spindles and electrospindles for CNC grinding, milling and turning machine tools.

From the initial project to the final tests, except for the heat treatments and chemical coating on materials, we are able to carry out the entire production cycle of the electrospindles in our factory:

DESIGN by the most advanced 3D CAD tools and software
MACHINING PROCESS performed in-house, allows maximum flexibility in the production
FINISHING AND GRINDING where know-how and technology work together to reach the highest precision
ASSEMBLY performed in controlled temperature rooms in order to ensure quality and efficiency.
TESTING the product is tested in compliance with the company's high-quality standards

The know-how gained in the various production department, combined with technologies and tools specifically created to increase precision and efficiency, guarantee a product of excellence for accurancy, reliability and functionality..


- Constantly investing in research to offer state of the art, flexible and customized solutions on clients demand.
- Fully satisfy customer's expectations, even on complex projects, where high performances, such as high speed, power or torque are required.
- Guarantee timely and high-quality assistance thanks to our multi-brands service center.